Thesis 15

January 24, 2007

William Gillis finished his 15th Thesis on Anti-Primitivism right after I posted about the other 14 yesterday. He’s also posted an Afterword that sums up his intent to instigate more of a dialogue and draw anarchists away from primitivism. His parting words are worth noting:

No matter how great a job I could have magically done writing these, there’s no way some folks are just going to wake up one morning and reject dreams of a fiery crash in favor of robots. For them I proffer the beginnings of a truce:

Do whatever you like that doesn’t directly oppress folks (like trying to initiate the die-off). If you feel like actually helping the rest of in the ongoing war against authority that’s great. But get your filthy crustie paws anywhere near our rocketships and I’ll personally blow you to kingdom come. No monkey-wrenching humanity’s hope for true Anarchy, goddamnit. After we’ve staved off the brutal murder of 6.5 Billion People, replanted the rainforests and resurrected the species your beloved hunter-gatherers killed, we’ll walk away. You get the Earth, the rest of us get the Heavens. I’d miss it, but at least your lot is unlikely to fuck it up too horribly. Besides, the commons were always a problem for industrial anarchism. So keep your little only-partial-utopia. Go ahead, force your children into semi-dystopia. When we’re done, when we’ve brought the stars fully to life and turned every galaxy in the night sky into a fluid of ecstatic thought, we’ll come back to whatever lifeless shell time and entropy has left the Earth. And we will breath a far more potent life into her.

I don’t think I’m willing to surrender the Earth to the anarchist equivalent of the SCA just yet, but he has a point that primitivists and tech-positive @s need to find a common ground and common respect, or we’re going to end up fighting each other.

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