What to do with anarcho-transhumanism.com?

January 25, 2008


So the previous owner of the anarcho-transhumanism.com site (not to be confused with this blog, anarchotranshumanism.com, no hyphen) has passed it over to us. We’re contemplating transforming it into a general resource site, focusing on both anarchist and H+ interests, and of course pushing a specific @H+ perspective. We’re also considering adding forums to the site (a free feature, unless we start exceeding bandwidth limits) to open up the discussion of @H+ and get more people involved. We’ve also discussed having an email list for that in the past, but forums may be better.

We’d like to hear what you, our relatively small audience (so far!) has to say. Would you be interested in a general resource site? Would you help build it? Are you interested in forums or an email list? Have any other ideas? Our ears are open. Please leave a comment.

3 Responses to “What to do with anarcho-transhumanism.com?”

  1. William Says:

    I think Forums and an on-site library of relevant or original pieces would be great.

    A friend of mine has been talking for a while about getting a more generic pro-tech hacker/H+ anarchist news/community site up under the name “Blue Anarchy”, but this is substantive and I approve.

    Maybe a wiki for potential organizing or work?

  2. The thing that I always really appreciate about the hyphenated site as it has stood for the past few years, is arriving at that front page which contains a clean straightforward introduction to the concepts of anarchy and transhumanism.

    I often point people in it’s direction. Many people have no idea about anarchists or transhumanists and I believe it is useful to have an AnarchoTranshuman site that is information rich, simple and accessible to non-anarchotranshumanists.

  3. jone Says:

    I access this site for the twitter feed, the articles are often cutting edge in a tech direction. I’m not finding that kind of tech discourse gathered elsewhere, especially not from anarchists, and I’m glad they have been carefully chosen by an anarcho-transhumanist.

    Many tech-activists are dropping the anarcho as being off-putting to others. Not me, tho. I’ve not seen a lot of H+ endorsement for large-scale protest, so I doubt they care that much. I certainly don’t. There may be a class thing going on with those guys.

    I’m not very tech adept. I was born too early, so my tech formation was with combustion engines and the like. I really appreciate the one who has gathered the stories for the twitter feed because I do like to read what people are doing and thinking. Keeps me thinking and desirous of technified
    rebellion :-).

    All best to everyone there,


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