Quick Links 3-25-08

March 25, 2008

* Interview with Ursula LeGuin

My utopias are not blueprints. In fact, I distrust utopias that pretend to be blueprints. Fiction is not a good medium for preaching or for planning. It is really good, though, for what we used to call conscious-raising.

* Inside the Twisted Mind of the Security Professional
Just as important for subversive minds.

* Build Your Own War Bot
A wiki resource for the hacktivists working on the future anarchist air force.

* How to Make Your Phone Untappable
Interview with Phil Zimmerman, the creator of PGP, about his new Zfone software for encrypting VOIP calls.

So unencrypted VoIP is vulnerable not just to government wiretapping but also to cyber-criminal spying.

With traditional telephony, our threat model was mostly government wiretapping. With VoIP, anyone can wiretap us: the Russian mafia, foreign governments, hackers, disgruntled former employees. Anyone.

Historically, there’s been an asymmetry between government wiretapping and everyone else wiretapping that’s been in the government’s favor. As we migrate to VoIP, that differential collapses. The government itself is just as vulnerable.

* Zfone Project Start/Download Page

* Fake Anarchist Sites
Details on how http://anarchy.net and related sites are not really anarchist at all.

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