Minor Change

April 16, 2009


Some basic reality of Obama’s first 80 days:

* Obama has escalated the illegal war in Afghanistan with an additional 21,000 troops.
* Obama has expanded the war into Pakistan areas, using troops and unmanned drones.
* Obama has extended the deadline for withdrawing troops from Iraq to 2010—and even that date may be extended by the Pentagon.
* Obama said he plans to leave 35,000-50,000 troops plus 50,000-100,000 mercenaries in Iraq after that, effectively continuing the illegal occupation.
* Obama said he would close Guantanamo within 1 year, yet prisoners there are still being force fed with tubes shoved down their throats.
* Obama approved $60 million to double the size of Bagram prison in Afghanistan.
* Obama’s Justice Department has defended the Bush policy of illegal warrantless wiretapping and asserted far broader claims of executive branch immunity than even the Bush regime.

(This list is just the start. It doesn’t cover, for example, how Obama has appointed 5 former RIAA lawyers to the Justice Dept, or how he has failed to follow through with many of his promises of transparency.)

You know, it’s not often that I read something from the RCP that I actually like, but they hit the nail on the head with the above in this piece on Obama:

This is what Democracy looks like. Peddling illusions and steering a movement to support the daily horror that this means for the people of the world, is what a movement in utter collapse looks like.

The best we’re ever going to get with Obama is capitalism with a friendlier face. All of the people who were pro-Obama will hopefully recognize that the many problems we face aren’t just the result of Bush and the Republicans, but problems inherent in capitalism itself. The only way to fix that is to eliminate capitalism … and right now capitalism is on its knees like never before.

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