Think GalactiCon

April 30, 2009

anarchistbookI’m thinking of putting together a panel/workshop for the ThinkGalactiCon radical sci-fi convention in Chicago (June 26-28). So far what I have in mind is along the lines of discussing feminism and transhumanism — specifically why, despite its emphasis on reproductive and morphological freedom, transhuman sci-fi, writings, and activism are all male-dominated areas. There is a lot of related material that could fit into such a discussion: eugenics issues, uploading/resleeving and gender identity, repro tech, and so on.

That’s one idea anyway. Another is to discuss sci-fi examples of using H+ technologies (specifically AI, nano, and communications tech) to achieve anarchist/horizontal/egalitarian societies and/or social change. Perhaps related to this could be the development of an anarchist approach to science and technology.

Any of our readers planning on going? Have an interest in any particular topic? You can see some of the other panel/workshop ideas being discussed here.

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