Expanding the Anti-Primitivist Library

May 3, 2009

I just added another anti-primitivist text to the sidebar links. This one, Critiquing Primitivism, Anarcho-Primitivism, and General Anti-Civilizationalism, was written by a revolutionary socialist rather than an anarchist.

So if primitivism is such a completely absurd idea, why waste your time arguing against it and its adherents? It is after all an extremely fragile ideology once it is put to the microscope. My primary point of contention with the primitivist school of thought is how, both by implication and often in its calls, seeks to have its followers reject rationalism for pseudo-mysticism and “oneness” with nature. If we look back on history we see that they are far from the first irrational ecological movement to do so. A good third of the German Nazi party came from forest-worshipping cults and soil movements that sprung up in Germany in the aftermath of World War I.

2 Responses to “Expanding the Anti-Primitivist Library”

  1. Flint Says:

    Can we add Francis Fukuyama to the list of primitivists?

    • infomorph Says:

      He’s a bioconservative, for sure, but I’m not aware of any interest on his part in destroying civilization — unless you count his neoliberalism, which is certainly out to ruin things for most people:)

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