Science & Technology for Liberation

June 23, 2009

tg_web_graphicI’m participating on a panel this weekend at Think GalactiCon, a radical science fiction convention in Chicago. The panel will be on the topic of Science & Technology for Liberation. Here’s the description:

Counter to dystopian futures and the portrayal of technology as a tool of oppression, many writers illustrate how technology can also be implemented for liberatory uses and to instigate radical social change. (A few examples include sousveillance, boundary-collapsing communications, and post-scarcity via nanofabrication, among others.) What can we learn from these explorations and how can we apply them to develop a real-world anarchist/egalitarian/technoprogressive/left approach to science and technology?

Joining me on the panel will be James Hughes, author of Citizen Cyborg, board member for Humanity Plus, executive director for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and all-around very busy and prolific transhumanist guy. I presume I’ll be giving the non-state ideas while he throws down his technoprogressive arguments.

There are some other interesting-looking discussions scheduled at the con. I’m particularly looking forward to the Continuing Appeal of the Apocalypse.

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