Making an Autonomous Internet

July 13, 2009

The_gridGiven the increasing number of countries and corporations that are seeking to censor or control the internet, it is fantastic to see an initiative to establish a community-based wireless mesh network as a free alternative. Introducing the autonomous internet, or auto-net:

How? Advances in wireless technology such as ubiquitous wireless routers, community mesh networks which are easily expandable and self-healing as well as long range wireless efforts such as HPWREN indicate a possible future for a community based internet free of the centralized control of telephone corporations and governments. While this is definitely a fork, more forks are to come and we can only hope that a few networks will emerge which can be broad enough to span most of the globe.

Imagine if all of the hacker spaces around the globe started contributing to this?

Read more about it. Sign up to support it.

(Via HackBloc)

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