Anarchist Militia

This blog is an attempt to mesh anarchism and transhumanism in order to develop an insurrectionary politics for establishing a truly liberated and technological society. Brought to you by:

Infomorph — Rivethead Agitator

Antisocialite — Renegade Sociologist

One Response to “About”

  1. webel Says:

    hey, if I were to describe my worldview in political jargon, I would be a protech post-structuralist post-leftist anarchist.

    Simply put an anarchist who is against all forms of domination, whether by people on other people, by people on themselves (genetic and psychological domination) or by nature (all things non-human including space and time) on people and/or vice versa.

    This simply means that I envision a world where one is completely emancipated from anything that currently limits his thoughts and actions, ultimately leading to a paradise on earth one can just get what one wants.

    Of course, the key to all this is technology, in the broadest sense of the word, there is no other way. The singularity might be an end goal.

    I am not very well-read however especially in the transhumanism/singularitarianism fields so I’d like to know if I fit the definition of anarcho-transhumanist? The reason I ask is because I’m new to the term, and would like to know if this is a good place to start reading and if you could recommend some reading material.

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