Site Changes

February 25, 2011

Some work is underway to revitalize and revamp this site. We’ll be updating the appearance of the site soon. We’re also pushing the link dumps away from here and on to twitter, where we’re posting as @anarchotech.

I just added another anti-primitivist text to the sidebar links. This one, Critiquing Primitivism, Anarcho-Primitivism, and General Anti-Civilizationalism, was written by a revolutionary socialist rather than an anarchist.

So if primitivism is such a completely absurd idea, why waste your time arguing against it and its adherents? It is after all an extremely fragile ideology once it is put to the microscope. My primary point of contention with the primitivist school of thought is how, both by implication and often in its calls, seeks to have its followers reject rationalism for pseudo-mysticism and “oneness” with nature. If we look back on history we see that they are far from the first irrational ecological movement to do so. A good third of the German Nazi party came from forest-worshipping cults and soil movements that sprung up in Germany in the aftermath of World War I.

Time to Revitalize

April 3, 2009

revitalizeAntisocialite and I haven’t been very good lately in producing original content for this blog, but I intend to change that in the near future. Partly it’s because I have a lot of stuff floating around in my head that I’d like to crystalize and organize. Also, given both the global economic crisis and the growing relevance of transhumanism, more than ever we need to be thinking about where the future is going to take us.

A couple of weekends ago, the Four Star Anarchist Organization in Chicago helped put together a day long summit on the global economic crisis and how anarchists should address it. The nature of the economic games capitalists play make it difficult for everyday folks to grasp what’s going on, much less figure out how to respond to it. But what we’re looking at here is a crisis in capitalism that is still playing out — the sort of crisis that radicals like us dream of taking advantage of, to exploit and overturn things and establish a more egalitarian society. With no developed alternative infrastructure, however, we are not in a good position to seize on this weakness … but that doesn’t mean we should sit placidly along for the ride. So I plan on posting some notes here both to clarify my own understanding of the situation and to work out some ideas for effectively responding.

Also on my agenda is to clarify some stances and positions that I think anarcho-transhumanists should be making. The transhumanist movement has seen some interesting developments recently, and I think it’s both prudent and necessary to start establishing a left-anarchist pole within that movement to distinguish from both the right-wing/libertarian/corporate elements and the pro-state technoprogressives. This will hopefully be an ongoing project that will draw in some more libertarian socialist types and create some dialogue.

Yeah, We’re Bad

June 26, 2008

Once again, we’ve fallen behind in the blogging, though not from lack of interest. Here are some random tidbits to keep you occupied until we get back on track:

* Worth reading: Towards a Democratic Conception of Science and Technology

* Added an old Aufheben critique of primitivism and Liberate Not Exterminate, an anarchist defense of cities, to the sidebar links.

* If any of our readers happen to be tabletop RPG geeks, there’s a transhuman-flavored sci-fi RPG in the works called Eclipse Phase that has a significant anarchist element. Some info here and here.

* If you’re looking for more reading, check out these (dated) threads on the Anarchist Black Cat Forums: Techno-Hubris or the Shape of Things to Come? and The Continuing Appeal of Primitivism


So the previous owner of the site (not to be confused with this blog,, no hyphen) has passed it over to us. We’re contemplating transforming it into a general resource site, focusing on both anarchist and H+ interests, and of course pushing a specific @H+ perspective. We’re also considering adding forums to the site (a free feature, unless we start exceeding bandwidth limits) to open up the discussion of @H+ and get more people involved. We’ve also discussed having an email list for that in the past, but forums may be better.

We’d like to hear what you, our relatively small audience (so far!) has to say. Would you be interested in a general resource site? Would you help build it? Are you interested in forums or an email list? Have any other ideas? Our ears are open. Please leave a comment.

New Domain Note

May 9, 2007

We just switched this blog over to our domain. All of the links should auto-forward, but if you read this via RSS feed you may want to update your subscription address.

And now with collaboration

February 16, 2007

Just an FYI that my comrade and homie Antisocialite will be joining me in posting to this blog.  So, yeah, welcome to a collective of two.


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